What Were the Biggest NBA Rivalries In History

Rivalry in sports has long been a tradition amongst players in professional sporting environments. Rivalries create tension in the game, bringing with them a new class of athlete even more determined and motivated for a win.

The NBA is one of the most popular sports around the world, with year on year audience retention growing and the stakes running higher than ever before, with more skilled athletes entering the discipline, rivalry in the NBA spurs a new kind of competition that is exciting and thrilling, not only to watch but also to place wagers on.

Punters from Canada seeking the biggest NBA rivalries and traditions will be delighted by this list of the biggest NBA rivalries in history. By making use of the following information Canadians will be able to assess the biggest rivalries present in the NBA today, allowing for an insightful betting account of all NBA betting markets.

Chicago Bulls Versus New York Knicks

These two special teams had their very first encounter in 1966. Even though the Bulls and Knicks played against one another annually, the rivalry between the two giants was not instantaneous. As the two teams advanced through the NBA, making waves and growing in confidence so did their level of competitiveness. It was only in the 80’s that a full on rivalry started to sprout between the two teams.

The Bulls with all time superstar Michael Jordan, dominated the Knicks in the majority of postseason matches and went on to claim six out of seven wins. While the Knicks kept coming short of the basket, the rivalry between the two teams was ignited and fostered a spirit of highly competitive play in the proceeding matches.  This is considered one of the NBA’s biggest and oldest rivalries, which has filtered down to fans and fostered a highly competitive spirit in the game.

Golden State Warriors Versus The Cleveland Cavaliers

The rivalry between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers is more recent. The players in these two respective teams have no issue out-rightly stating their feud with one another.

With both the Warriors and Cavaliers highly successful teams, motivated for the win, this biggest NBA rivalry of all time is only natural. These two giants in NBA somehow manage to keep blocking one another from the NBA’s top spot, a factor that fuels the rivalry amongst players and fans.

Detroit Pistons And The Chicago Bulls

One of the NBA’s most strongly contested rivalries, which has seen these two teams face off in four consecutive postseasons, 1998-1991. The Pistons and the Bulls first did battle on the court in 1966. The Pistons were on the other side of the same rivalry as the Knicks against the Bulls, which the Bulls were provoking aggressively.

Widely considered one of the biggest NBA rivalries of the NBA era, it wasn’t until the 80’s that this NBA rivalry started to flourish. Punters from Canada in quest of the biggest NBA rivalries will be eager to learn that the Pistons went on to defeat the Bulls in three straight playoff match ups, before being defeated and swept in 1991.

The Pistons coach had implemented Jordan Rules against the Bulls, which saw an aggressive style of play in these matches, fuelling this rivalry and creating a dynamic game not only on the court but also amongst punters at NBA betting Australia and sports enthusiasts.

LA Lakers And Sacramento Kings

With huge superstar talent and ability, both teams possess tremendous potential. This NBA rivalry started in the early 2000’s and as the skill set of the star players from each side advanced, so the rivalry between the two teams grew.

These games are often run at a fast pace and with high tensions, creating a spark in the NBA that has made these games filled with high-octane action.

Boston Celtics And The LA Lakers

The Celtics and the Lakers are two of the oldest teams in the League.  NBA enthusiasts around the world over have claimed this NBA rivalry as one of the biggest and the best NBA rivalries in the competition to date.

The Celtics and Lakers have played against one another in the NBA finals a whopping twelve times. The Celtics have manages to claim nine victories leaving the Lakers fairly disgruntled.

The height of this NBA rivalry was in Bird and Johnson’s era, leaving behind a rich history and tradition that has been passed down to players and fans to this day.