The Rise in Popularity of Dota 2 Betting

The game of Dota 2 was developed by a company called Valve, and is the separate sequel to the Warcraft III map Defense of the Ancients, or DotA/Dota. Valve released this game in the year 2013, after being in public beta since the year 2011. In the intervening years Dota 2 has skyrocketed in popularity, and stands today as one of the most frequently played games on Steam. There is also a multiplicity of pro leagues and tournaments connected to it, and for punters, laying Dota 2 bets is now a far more common practice.

Laying Dota 2 Bets at Recommended Sportsbooks

Laying Dota 2 esports bets online is a pastime with a steadily growing popularity, and this is partly due to the fact that established bookmakers are now making these mobile betting Australia possibilities available to punters. Large tournaments with elevated prize pools have created a market for people who follow this game’s scene, and it allows them to become more involved with it, as well as earn money as a result of the performance of their favoured teams and players.

Comparison sites are able to provide prospective punters with advice and recommendations as to where it is best to lay Dota 2 bets, and will also offer information on where to get the best deposit bonuses; widest array of markets; and highest forms of online security on the World Wide Web. Registering at the sites offering Dota 2 bets is very easy to do, and will often require nothing more than that the prospective punter select the register now button, fill out a short online form, and begin.

Tasks Required for Laying Dota 2 Bets

It is recommended that the punter interested in starting to lay Dota 2 bets play the game, or at least have a thorough understanding of how it works, in order to allow him or her to more easily follow the games when watching the matches being bet on. It is important that punters keep an eye on the pro scene, and make sure they are well-acquainted with all the different players and teams, as well as the most recent match results. Interested individuals are able to buy tickets for the majority of the tournaments, and can then watch the action as it is unfolding. Smartphone applications allow punters to stay on top of the latest results, and access live in-game information as the matches are being played.

Better Dota 2 bets become a possibility when punters:

  • Follow the pro scene
  • Make a point of looking up the most recent matches between the teams they are interested in betting on
  • Knowing whether or not a team will be playing with a stand-in
  • Making themselves familiar with the latest info on the overall performance of the team they are interested in, and knowing whether or not they are in a slump
  • Being aware of any changes a team has recently implemented, like the recruiting of a new player