Reviewing Wildcat Canyon Online Slot Machine

Wildcat Canyon was developed by NextGen Gaming and released to the public in 2012. This slot is a 5 reel and 25 payline online slot machine game. The game itself is set in the desert, in a canyon, similar to the comic Wile E. Coyote. The wildcat wild symbol and the paw print scatter can award players with bonus winning combinations as well as a few extra spins. There is also a free spins round as well as a jackpot of 5 000 coins.

A Dry Set of Graphics and Sound Effects

Wildcat Canyon has a background set in the desert with a few cacti dotted around the background, as well as a couple eagles and vultures circling the skies. Occasionally you’ll spot a wildcat riding a goat running across the screen.

The reels are framed in red outlining the various symbols that you’ll be playing with. The symbols in this game include an eagle, a goat, a snake, a cactus, as well as the regular 9, 10, Jack Queen, King and Ace.

The sound effects are typical to the desert scene with a bit of a western banjo tune in the background, as well as wildcats meow. On occasion you will also hear an eagles cry from the skies to add to the ambience.

How to Play Wildcat Canyon

To play you will need to set your betting size as well as the amount of paylines you would like to bet on.  You can bet 1 coin per payline with a max of 25 coins per bet. The coin size is bet at between 0.02 to 4 coins. Once that’s done you’ll click on the play button to spin the reels. There is also an auto play button that will play on your behalf with your selected bet already keyed in.

As much as Wildcat Canyon is geared for real money game play, there is also a free mode. Players new to the game can try out the game to see whether they like it or not.

Winning Combinations and Bonus Symbols

The aim of the game is to get as many of the same symbol across the reels at the same time. Winning combinations start at matching just 2 symbols. If you get 5 of the same symbol across all the reels payouts can be quite rewarding. Certain symbols payout more than others. Regular 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace payout the least, whilst the eagle symbol pays out the most. For example, 5 eagles across the reels will award you with 5 000 coins, 5 goats will get you 1 000 coins at CAD casino, 5 snakes and 5 cactuses will get you 500 coins, and so it goes on.

The wild symbol is the wildcat symbol; this symbol only appears on reels 2 and 4 and can substitute for any other symbol on the reels excluding the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the paw print symbol, if you get 5 paw prints you will be rewarded with 200 coins. On top of that if you get 3 or more paw print symbols you can choose from 3 bonus features to play. The first one is 15 free games with a 3x multiplier, or 10 free games with a 5x multiplier, or 5 free games with a 10x multiplier. Any win with a scatter symbol is also multiplied by the total bet amount.