The Top 4 Tips for Playing Progressive Slots

A progressive slot has a jackpot that will increase as slot players bet and spin the reels. Progressive slots in land-based casinos can either be a standalone slot where the jackpot is only on one machine or multiple machines and the jackpot increases across all of the machines, sometimes across various casinos.

When playing a progressive slot online the online casino will keep a small percentage of the bets and put it in the jackpot pool.  Many progressive slots have very large jackpots.

All progressive slot games have what is called a jackpot meter and here players can see the running total of the jackpot. Most slot games will have a visible meter, usually brightly coloured and found at the top of the screen in most games. Online progressive slot games will also have a jackpot meter built into the game software.

Tips for Playing Progressive Slots

Progressive slot players must remember that in order to qualify for the jackpot they will have to always bet the maximum amount of coins.  Players can avoid disappointment by choosing the max bet at the outset of the game.

1. Avoid Gaming Systems

There are a few tips that will help players get closer to winning a progressive jackpot when playing the best online pokies has on offer.  Systems will not work with slots, these games are based on luck and controlled by a random number generator (RNG) which means that each spin is random.

Slot games do not have any particular pattern and winning is by luck only.  Players should not waste their time or money on so called systems as they do not work.

2. Stick to a Budget

Planning and sticking to a budget is a must when playing any online casino games. This may not necessarily help players to win, but it will help avoid any serious losses and disappointments.  Players can also enjoy playing progressive slots when taking this approach.

Players should never use money that has not been specifically set aside for playing slots and winning is a bonus.  They should also choose progressive slots that are suited to their budget, pick slots where they can enjoy many spins and give themselves more of an opportunity to win.

3. Take Advantage of Bonuses

Online slots players will also be able to take advantage of bonuses and promotions and when signing up to play progressive slots players will be offered a sign up bonus as well as other bonuses as they keep playing.

These bonuses are a great way to increase a player’s bankroll giving them more chances to spin and win the jackpot.

4. Read the Rules

Players must always ensure that they check the rules of the game.  As mentioned, players will generally have to bet a certain amount to quality to win the jackpot, usually the maximum bet and sometimes using a certain coin denomination.

Above all, players should enjoy playing progressive slots as they are exciting and can be enjoyed if played using these few tips.  There are a wide range of progressive online slots to choose from and players should have no problem finding one that they enjoy.