Popular Strategies For Winning At Slots

Online slots are to many people no more than simple games of chance. Getting behind the gist of exactly how slots work and whether or not there exist any effective strategies at all, remains to this day to many players an Achilles heel of sorts. It also doesn’t help that the online casino industry appears to be quite expert at keeping its secrets hidden and unlike how it chooses to react to questions about strategies relating to online Poker, online Blackjack, etc., questions about strategies for winning at online slots remain – almost as if on purpose – unanswered.

This may of course be the result of a concept as simple as the good and trusted old RNG – a brilliant work of software ensuring 100% random results when engaging with games of chance. But many would argue that even though the sequences are generated at random there are patterns to be found by those who know where to look. See also any reputable references to Return to Player percentages in this regard.

And so, our 2 favourite strategies today should be read from exactly this point of view: it may or may not be possible to constantly achieve a return greater than 100%, i.e. the number of credits spent on however many online slots sessions, and we’re just as eager as everyone else to crack one of history’s hardest and most infamous codes ever.

The Power Of 5

Casinos are businesses and businesses need to break even as well as perform profitably in order to survive. To expect anything else of a casino or online casino is completely without reason. Where will we play the games we so love playing if every casino and online casino were to eventually go bottoms up?

The trick then, is clearly not to embark on a malicious rant of trying to beat the house in such a way that the house is no longer able to make ends meet, but instead, to try and beat the odds wherever possible so as to ensure a fun online gaming time. Which brings us to our first online slots strategy: when playing high-stakes online slots (usually progressive jackpots paid at max bet), remember the power of 5, which is to say, play for a duration of 5 spins only or until such time as a sizeable jackpot has been won. Then, swiftly move on the next high-stakes online slot.

The Question Is Also The Answer

Our second strategy to be considered is a stupidly simple one indeed and a strategy quite literally staring every player ever squarely in the face: play online. This is as simple a concept as it gets. Regulated online casinos aren’t at the mercy of even half of the overhead expenses incurred by land-based casinos every month.

And since any business worth anything wants to hold onto its valued customer-base, online casinos are more eager than what most people think to reward their loyal players. What’s more, online casinos can afford to do so more often and in more handsome measure than what land-based operators are able to.