Perks of Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Online casinos are a competitive business and so they make extensive use of loyalty programs to keep you coming back to them rather than their competitors. If you play your cards right, you can claim some fantastic benefits via the loyalty programs on offer.

How do Loyalty Programs work?

Players are generally automatically invited to join a loyalty program and then rewarded for the bets they place and games they play. So, you effectively ‘win’ even when you don’t win. You’ll often receive welcome points to get you started. The higher the bets, the further you advance through the tiers of the program. There are rewards at all levels, but the values increase with each tier. There are also VIP programs as part of or over and above the loyalty programme.

What are the rewards of a Loyalty Programme?

Points can be converted to cash and the higher your tier, the more the cash to points ratio is in your favour. Some sites will offer VIP only contests or drawings with top tier players always receiving some form of preferential treatment to acknowledge their status. Top tier players may get free entry into competitions or tournaments where others have to buy in.

Loyalty members or VIP’s may be invited to premieres of new games, trying them out before they’re released to the general public.

Free withdrawals from your online casino account is a very handy perk. It can save you a lot in fees and also saves you having to calculate the most economical strategy of withdrawing your winnings. Expedited withdrawals are another welcome advantage.

Club members on various tiers may have access to higher limits to enable them to keep betting large amounts. It’s worth checking whether you qualify for a higher limit. And check your status regularly to see what other benefits are available. You may well be pleasantly surprised.

On many sites, in your Loyalty Program, you’ll also find special time sensitive offers on games to play and earn extra points. These may only be on offer for one day, so it’s wise to check often.

Serious high rollers receive some truly exciting gifts, from holidays, to jewellery to electronics, sports game tickets and even luxury cars. And having a dedicated host giving you personal attention and service is definitely a major benefit.

Choosing where to play

It pays to find an online casino that you feel comfortable with so that you can advance through the tiers and begin to really gain the advantages available. As you progress through the levels, you earn points and therefore rewards faster and faster.

Some sites offer more personal treatment than others and some are also part of a network so you can still enjoy plenty of variety and still earn points. Read the terms and conditions so you understand what you can expect and see which sites offer the best suite of rewards. We all enjoy being valued and treated as special, so why not make the most of it. You deserve to be rewarded for your loyalty!