Online Sports Betting Explained

Online Sports Betting

With all land based sports betting controlled by The New Zealand Racing board, operating numerous TAB establishments, which provide punters with fixed and pari-mutuel odds, punters seeking to broaden their betting spread should consider online sports betting platforms.

The Internet is slowly becoming industry standard for all betting activities. Year on year growth continues to foster dynamism within the industry. Punters have a world of online betting at their fingertips.

Offering Kiwis easy 24/7 access on a multitude of platforms coupled with compelling sports markets and odds on a host of local and international sporting events, online sports betting provides punters with an established platform, which offers aggressive variety and thrilling entertainment.

Online Betting Legality

The Online sports betting domain is completely legal in New Zealand. TAB as well as countless offshore websites operate established and trustworthy online sports betting site that are available to Kiwis.

The government does not enforce the use of TAB, with encouraging online sports betting opportunities, TAB strives to improve all online sports betting in New Zealand. Nearly all-offshore online sports betting sites accept players from New Zealand, providing Kiwis with an exciting mix of sporting markets and compelling betting odds at online sports betting sites.

Selecting A Sports Book

Selecting a sports book that caters to all your online sports betting needs can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially for new punters seeking online sports betting action. New Zealand allows its residents full use of any offshore online establishment, so long as it is licensed.

With TAB offering a dedicated online sports betting website and countless overseas websites that are established, licensed and highly regarded amongst punters around the world, Kiwis have endless options to choose from.

It is vital to select trustworthy online sports betting websites in order to ensure smooth running software and hassle free payouts. Highly regarded online sports betting websites will be licensed in one or more jurisdictions with full compliance and regulated bodies monitoring the institution.

Kiwis can make use of valuable assets and tools such as player forums and reviews in order to make a better-informed decision on the bookmaker.

Signing up with multiple online sports betting websites allows for a variety of sports betting markets and disciplines. With easy access to multiple accounts Kiwis can shop for the most compelling market odds.

More Winnings In Your Pocket

The laws governing winnings from recreational online sports betting will elate punters form New Zealand. All recreational winnings are tax free in New Zealand allowing for even more potential lucrative takings.

The Choice Of Champions

The majority of online sports betting websites offer an exciting mixture of top class international sporting events and tournaments. Punters can expect sports markets including but not limited to rugby, cricket, soccer, darts, snooker, volleyball, tennis, boxing, athletics, rowing, winter sports, badminton, football and other developing world class markets.

Punters from New Zealand opting for online sports betting with TAB will be pleasantly surprised by their intuitive design and range of online sports betting opportunities.

TAB allows for betting on all major local tournaments such as the ASB Classic tennis championship, Live NBA streaming and various basketball betting options, ice hockey betting, horse racing and grey hound racing, international cricket betting odds, Aussie rules football, American football, motor sport, rugby league and other various competitive markets.

Covering an extensive array of sports disciplines, TAB incorporates an easy to use online sports betting website, dedicated television programming, call centres, Touch Tone betting and devoted IOS and Android mobile applications for the mobile market.