Casinos Australia

Everything You Need to Know About Casinos in Australia

Australia was originally a prisoner colony for Britain, and gambling in one way or another has always been popular. It started with horse racing in the late 1800’s and spread to lotteries, dog racing and Jai Alai. Gambling in any form in Australia is state legislated, and thus rules can change from state to state. The casino industry alone in Australia has grown over the past few years to such an extent that it has almost as many casinos as America does now.

Even though casinos were not legalized and introduced until 1972, there are a record number of them for that time frame and more on the build as we speak. Casinos in Australia attract both locals and tourists, with an average of 60% of the population spending time in brick and mortar casinos weekly. Online casinos in Australia are legal and regulated, with licenses being handed out as they are needed. In fact playing in casinos is so popular among locals that they have even created their own term of endearment for slot machines, referring to them as Pokies. The term Pokies came about from one of the original names of slot machines, which was Poker Machines.

Wrest Point Hotel and Casino

The Wrest Point Hotel and Casino is the oldest casino in Australia, being built in 1972 when casinos were first legalized. The hotel is situated in Tasmania, right on the waterfront and is a large tourist attraction. The actual hotel was opened in 1939, but it took another 40 odd years before they added their casino.

The development of the casino included the construction of a 17 story hotel tower, which took the Wrest Point Hotel and Casino from a relatively small fish to a big player in the resort scene in Australia. Today the hotel has 266 rooms and luxury suites, and five restaurants with six different bars. The casino was actually the catalyst for casinos in Australia, and after it was built another twelve casinos opened across the country within short order. The casino is your standard high level fare. With a large amount and variety of slot machines and a number of table games including the favourites and some lesser known ones. The casino is open twenty four hours a day.

Top of the Town Hotel Motel Casino

A mid class casino and hotel Top of The Town Hotel Motel Casino is also situated in Tasmania and offers 30 ground floor suites with en suite bathrooms. The amenities are basic, offering a TV, Kettle and a phone. The actual casino is tiny, and comprising only of gaming machines or Pokies, isn’t a true casino in the biggest term. There are little casinos or gaming rooms like this all over the country, the Top of The Town Hotel Motel Casino being a fine example of such.

Image of Crown Towers Hotel and Casino

Crown Towers Hotel and Casino

Crown Towers Hotel and Casino is located in Melbourne and is another example of tourist attraction hotels aimed a lot at people from Asian countries. This is a five star complex, with no less than forty bars and restaurants in the building. Opened in 1994, it is still a relatively new kid on the black, but it has taken over that block and a number of one’s next to it as well. Imposing on the Melbourne skyline, this is a serious hotel that offers only the best. The Crown Casino, boasts six different table games spreading over a number of tables and wager limits. 3500 pokies (a few similar to Mac pokies) provide something for everyone, including a few games with progressive jackpots.