Diamond Mine Online Video Slot Review

Diamond Mine is an old-type classic type video slot game produced by Real Time Gaming, the company responsible for some of the most popular casino games on the net. With such a simplistic game it is difficult to say the slot has a theme as the overall classic look and feel to the slot is what defines the game. What it does have is an idea of a theme based on diamonds and wealth. This is brought forth with the fact that the two highest paying symbols in the game is the diamond symbol and the Dollars sign. The graphics and sound effects are fairly basic and the casino background track adds to the feeling of being in a live casino playing a classic three reel slot machine.

A Classic 3-Reel Slot

The slot setup in Diamond Mine is very basic. As a 3-reel, single payline slot, this game would only appeal to players who are specifically looking for a classic style slot or those players who have just started playing slots online. The game features a total of five reel symbols including the bar symbol, the double bar symbol, the number seven, the diamond symbol and the dollar sign. The classic slot can take up to three coins with each coin inserted increasing the payout of any winning combination.

Diamond Mine Reel Symbols

One thing that makes Diamond Mine unique is that the lowest paying symbol is actually the diamond symbol. This is because players only need to land a single diamond on the reels to get a payout. The diamond also pays out for two symbols on the reels, which is more than double the single diamond payout. For the standard three symbol payouts, any three bar symbols pays out a maximum of 30 coins for all three coins inserted. For three single bar symbols across the reels, the payout increases to 36 coins.

High Paying and Jackpot Symbols

The double bar symbol in Diamond Mine starts seeing a bigger payout with 75 coins payed when all three coins are inserted. The number seven symbol is the next in line, paying out a maximum of 105 coins. Interestingly three diamond symbols is not the highest payout in the game. As the theme of the game is diamonds it would make more sense. In any case three diamond symbols pays out a maximum of 150 coins. The highest paying symbol of the game is in fact the dollar sign. If players are lucky enough to find all three dollar symbols across the reels, they will trigger the slot jackpot of 2500 coins if all three coins are inserted.

A Simple and Fun Slot Game

Diamond Mine is a slot game that will appeal to fans of classic slots and anyone who is looking for a no-nonsense slot game that is all about the win. The game does not feature any wild symbols, any scatter symbols or any bonus rounds. If players are looking for bonus features, they will come up short handed. On the other hand, this is the perfect game for anyone who has just started playing slots online and is looking for a basic and entertaining slot with a chance to win some decent money.