Why is Craps Beating Sic Bo in the Popularity Stakes?

Why is Craps Beating Sic Bo in the Popularity Stakes?

Most people have heard of dice games, but unless you are a bit more knowledgeable, you may not know that there are two main types. If you have played a dice game before, it was probably Craps. Unless you are a real dice buff, you may not have heard of the other type: Sic Bo. This is because, in online casinos at least, Craps is the far more popular game.

Is Craps Really More Popular?

As the two primary types of dice game, both Sic Bo and Craps are very popular. However, Sic Bo is not as popular as craps. So what is it that makes Craps lead the game? Well, Craps is in fact not more popular than Sic Bo everywhere in the world. Sic Bo is of ancient Chinese origin, so while many in the West have not heard of it, it does enjoy popularity in the East, However, on online casinos, with players from all over the world, Craps is the far more popular game.  Craps has also been represented many times in film and television, make it far more known in the world of popular culture.

What’s The Difference?

You may be wondering at this point, what is actually the difference between the two games? Well, as dice games, both rely primarily on luck. However, Craps does require a little more brain power than Sic Bo. In Craps, players make bets in the outcome of a series of rolls. There are many different combinations to bet on relating to both the dice and the Craps table it is rolled on, so there is quite a lot to memorise. On the other hand, Sic Bo is much more simple. The bets are related to either the combination of numbers on three dice, or on the dice totals. So go for Sic Bo if you are looking for an easy game, or if you want to play something with an exotic history.

I’m Not Sure Which To Play

If you are a beginner to dice games, part of you might want to choose to play online craps Canada because of its popularity, and part of you might want to choose Sic Bo because of its simplicity. However, what you should really be considering is the house edge. When it comes to dice games, which are almost exclusively down to luck, you want to play something that gives the house an under 5% advantage. Sic Bo only has two kinds of wagers with those kinds of odds, Small Bets and Big Bets. These both give the house an edge of 2.8%.

So if you want to play Sic Bo, pick one of these. In Craps, there are several multiple bets that give the house an edge of under 5%, so to understand them you will need to do more research. There is only one single-roll bet with such odds, the Field Bet, which gives the house an edge of just 2.7%. Neither Craps nor Sic Bo will always give you more wins than the other – it depends on the type of bet you make. So choose wisely!