Super Safari Slot Guide & Review for Players Online

Super Safari Slot Guide & Review for Players Online

Africa is largely untamed, and home to a rich variety of wildlife.  The Big 5 are often featured in travel magazines and marketing material – and they are indeed every bit as glorious as they are portrayed to be by travel writers and wildlife photographers. Smaller animals often go unnoticed though, but are every bit […]

The Codfather Slot Guide & Review for New Players Online

The Codfather Slot Guide & Review for New Players Online

The Codfather is another fun cartoon style slot form Next Gen Gaming. This time the action takes place under the ocean and surrounded by mobsters in the form of fish. The Codfather has five reels and twenty pay lines. Next Gen has a number of mobile slots that fit into the same category of penny […]

Caribbean Stud Poker Review & Guide for Players Online

Caribbean Stud Poker Review & Guide for Players Online

Video poker began being played in 1975 as a casino game. The original attraction was described as being the fact that this was like playing poker at a slot machine. With the advent of the internet, and the ability to play casino games online and at home, the line between video poker and poker online […]

Online Casino Real Money Sites for US Players

The best online casino real money sites anywhere in the world are open to US players who enjoy gambling, and many Americans are boosting their bankrolls on a daily basis by means of them. Players who used to have to travel far distances; incorporate additional expenses like food and accommodation; and arrange for time off […]

Diamond Mine Online Video Slot Review

Diamond Mine is an old-type classic type video slot game produced by Real Time Gaming, the company responsible for some of the most popular casino games on the net. With such a simplistic game it is difficult to say the slot has a theme as the overall classic look and feel to the slot is […]

Everything You Need to Know About Casinos in Australia

Australia was originally a prisoner colony for Britain, and gambling in one way or another has always been popular. It started with horse racing in the late 1800’s and spread to lotteries, dog racing and Jai Alai. Gambling in any form in Australia is state legislated, and thus rules can change from state to state. […]

Butterflies Slot Game Involves Many Little Creatures

Butterflies slot game is set in a green meadow, with grassy hills and lots of pretty flowers. There is a blue sky and some fluffy clouds that complete this idyllic scene. There are plenty of small butterflies with friendly faces. This game is compatible with both Windows and Mac operated computers or laptops.

uk flag slots

One Armed Bandit’s in Homes across the UK

Well, in honesty, the slot machines are not physically in the house but can easily be found on computers, laptops, and even cellphones and iPads. With the invention of the internet, residents of the UK can enjoy all kinds of gambling fun no matter where they are. This means they can actually gamble on the […]

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Read These Amazing Tips Before You Start To Play Online Bingo

The gambling nature in man has always been there, laying dormant and sometimes we just can’t resist the potential opportunity to cash in our favorable fortune and make some easy money without effort. All these things are the features bingo offers for you and playing it has never been easier. With the appearance of the […]