Caribbean Stud Poker Review & Guide for Players Online

Caribbean Stud Poker Review & Guide for Players Online

Video poker began being played in 1975 as a casino game. The original attraction was described as being the fact that this was like playing poker at a slot machine. With the advent of the internet, and the ability to play casino games online and at home, the line between video poker and poker online became blurred.

Caribbean Stud poker is a short sharp style of poker that has elements of both online poker play as well as video poker and is therefore on the edge of video poker play.

This is, in fact, why Caribbean Stud poker is considered to be an excellent example of the current modern online gaming trends. The condensed and simplified style of game play so suitable to mobile devices and instant play features has gone through a huge boost in popularity and Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Tetris are perfect examples. Caribbean Stud is simply a condensed and simplified version of online and video poker.

Fast High-Action Game Play

Caribbean Stud online games are very brief affairs, with a large element of chance involved. The game offers significant pay-outs, but players take on the dealer without being able to see four of the dealers’ five cards. Their saving grace if the fact that the dealer needs at least an ace and a king in his hand to prevent the player immediately winning their ante back.

From this moment on Caribbean Stud plays like a video poker game with pay out being made to the player according to the standard pat table. In detail, although it is often a good idea to compare the odds on all video poker games and online casinos, Caribbean Stud pays out 7 to 1 odds on the Full House, and 200 to 1 on a Royal Flush. This is as exciting as the online blackjack for real money has on offer for players.

The Rules and Game Description

Caribbean Stud poker is a casino game that is based on the standard 5-card stud poker rules. The game begins with players placing a bet on the ante. They have an option to place another ante bet on the jackpot too. Thereafter the player and the dealer are dealt 5 cards.

The players’ cards are face-up and one of the dealers’ is face-up. The player would then decide whether to call or to fold. Should they decide to call, this means doubling the ante bet, whilst choosing to fold means forfeiting the ante.

As soon as the player decides to call the bet, the dealers’ hand is revealed and compared. In order to qualify, the dealer needs to have at least an Ace and a King or better. If the dealer qualifies and still the player wins the hand, the ante bet pays out at 1:1, with the call bet being paid out according to the pay table. If the player loses, then all the bets in the hand are deemed lost.

There are no community cards like in Hold’em poker, or draw cards dealt in Caribbean Stud. The standard rules and rankings of regular video poker hands apply in Caribbean Stud, although when playing this game, the additional ante bet factor needs to be considered in the statistics.