Betting on F1 Racing Explained for Newbies

Formula one is the greatest motor sport event in the world, featuring the globes best drivers racing premium cars, loaded with the latest technology and accomplishing speeds quick enough to throw your face into the future of racing.

Punters from Canada interested in F1 betting, particularly the Drivers’ and Constructor’s championships, will find the following information useful for complete betting guidelines and access to the world of F1 racing sports betting.

A Brief History Of Formula 1

F1 racing has its roots steadily planted in the 1920’s and 1930’s, directly inked to the European Grand Prix Championships and also known as the golden age of racing. The foundation for F1 racing came about in 1946 with the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile’s standardisation rules.

Shortly after F1 racing found its podium a World championship of Drivers’ competition was born in 1950.

F1 Constructor’s Championship

The F1 Constructor’s championship is awarded to the most successful Formula One Constructor over a season. The championship winner is determined by a points system based on Grand Prix results and you’d wish you had some advice for it like F1 betting Australia sites offer.

Punters from Canada will be eager to learn that adding points scored in each race by any driver for that specific constructor calculate Constructor Championship points. This means that the Constructor’s Championship is entirely dependent on the driver’s ability to win races, positioning the Constructor’s car on the podium.

Most Successful Constructor’s In F1 History

There are numerous F1 Constructor’s, in the Formula One world. Canadians opting for F1 Constructor’s betting options should be aware of the greatest makers of all time, which will provide you with a holistic account of cars of the past and future.

By studying past years Constructor’s stats Canadians have the opportunity to analyse the specific Constructor and the driver that helped the Constructor achieve victory. The most successful Constructor’s in history are as follows.

From the most successful Constructor championships to the least, in first place there is the legendary Ferrari – Italian manufacturer with an astonishing 15 championships. The second spot on the podium goes to Mclaren – a manufacturer from the United Kingdom holding 12 wins.  The third podium position belongs to Williams a manufacturer also from the United Kingdom holding 7 titles.

Other successful Constructor’s champions include U.K based Lotus with 6 wins, Germany’s Mercedes with 4 wins, Red Bull from Austria with 4 wins and Brabham from the United Kingdom holding 4 wins.

F1 Constructor’s Championship Odds

F1 Constructor’s championship betting is very similar to all types of F1 betting. The championship is awarded to the team that finishes with the most points cumulatively, with their 2 drivers after a full season.

Punters from Canada opting for F1 Constructor’s championship betting should consider outright bets on this F1 betting market. Here you simply select the Constructor you think will finish with the highest amount of points at the end of the season.

F1 Drivers’ Championship

The F1 Drivers’ championship is nearly identical to the Constructor’s championship, with one major difference setting it apart, the Drivers championship is the complete opposite of the Constructor’s championship. Here it is all up to the driver’s ability to win races to win the Driver’s championship.

The F1 Drivers’ championship is awarded to the most successful Formula One driver over a season. The most successful driver is also determined by a points based system based on Grand Prix results, like the Constructor’s championship.

Punters from Canada will be eager to learn that any driver can become the world champion in any season as long as it is no longer possible for another driver to beat his points.

Most Successful Drivers In F1

The top five drivers’ in Formula One history include German –Michael Schumacher who won 7 times, Juan Manuel Fanigo from Argentina with 5 wins, Alain Pratt from France with 4 wins, Sebastian Vettel from Germany with 4 wins, Jack Brabham with 3 wins, Jackie Stewart from the United Kingdom with 3 wins, Niki Lauder from Austria with 3 wins, Nelson Piquet from Brazil with 3 wins, Ayrton Senna from Brazil with 3 wins and Lewis Hamilton from the U.K with 3 wins.

Drivers’ Championships Odds

Punters from Canada opting for the Drivers’ Championship F1 betting should consider outright bets here. This F1 market is pure prediction based wagering on a top driver and as such the best possible strategy is to wager on a driver outright.