Banger Racing – The Classic Car Enthusiast’s Ultimate Entertainment

Sparks flying, rubber burning, tyres screeching – the strong (if unpleasant) odour of motor oil in the air.  This is a typical scene at a Banger Race, considered by some to be the most dangerous motorsport in the world.  Banger Racing appears to be a spin-off of stock car racing, only with more crashing involved.  A lot more, to be precise.  Everything is allowed.  The only taboo is crashing into another driver’s door.  A rule often not adhered to.

The Scene

A racing track can be either dirt or tarmac is typically oval-shaped, and the first car that passes the flag after completing a set number of laps around the track, is crowned victor.

The Weapon

Cars competing in races are usually cars that have at some point been doomed to the scrap yard.  Some events even allow caravans to be towed, and prizes are awarded not only for the fastest, but also for the most unique.   Various events are hosted annually, making provision for all types of vehicles.

Fuel tanks are usually moved inside the car, to improve safety and limit the possibility of a fire hazard.  Windows are removed, and most vehicles are fitted with roll cages.  Safety is compromised slightly more than in the case of conventional motorsports, due to the fact that the aim of the game is not merely circling the track in the shortest possible time, but also eliminating other vehicles as you go along.  In other words, crash-banging into other vehicles isn’t merely allowed, but actually advised to be the best course of action in order to secure a win.

Not all motor enthusiasts agree with the charge and wreck strategy, due to the destruction of numerous classic cars, but this doesn’t seem to deter anyone from placing bets at sports betting sites.

The Numbers

Before placing a bet on a particular participant in a Banger Race, it is very important to not only familiarise yourself with the general yay’s and nay’s involved in a Banger Race, but also with the specific driver’s overall track record.  Firstly, it’s obviously vital to group drivers into two schools – the racers and the wreckers.  A bet will generally fair better with a racer than with a wrecker – especially since bets are generally placed on the probability of a driver finishing in a top position.

A driver participating in numerous races on an annual basis always makes for a solid choice.  Cold hard experience goes a long way when any motorsport is involved.  Next up, consider the number of times that a first, second and even third position was secured in a number of races.  The overall average should provide a pretty good idea regarding the driver’s general capabilities.

When starting out, try and absolute rookies.  They have much to prove and a lot to conquer.

Know the driver’s strengths and weaknesses.  Some drivers excel at dirt tracks, whilst others are more comfortable with racing on tarmac.  Know the driver, and know the track.  Gathering the statistics will enable you to build a firm frame of reference, increasing your chances at making an accurate prediction for future events.