Attention Kiwi Punters – Best NBA Betting Tips

The National Basketball Association, or NBA, is widely considered as the foremost professional men’s basketball league in the world, and as such is one of the most popular amongst sports betting enthusiasts. While Kiwi punters may be fans of the National Basketball League of New Zealand, the NBA provides a larger betting market, and the odds are far more alluring. With NBA betting tips we aim to bring punters all the information needed to kick off the action. 

NBA Basics

The National Basketball Association is made up of 30 teams who compete in an annual championship season running from the last week of October to mid-April of the following year. Members of NBA teams are the best paid professional athletes worldwide by average of the yearly salary per athlete. The league was established as the BAA in June of 1946, but became known as the NBA in 1949 when the league merged with its rival, the NBL. The Celtics are the most successful team to date with 17 NBA Finals wins, followed by the Lakers with 16 Finals wins. The Bulls trail with 6 Finals wins, making them the 3rd most successful team.

For Kiwi punters looking for NBA betting tips, it’s important to know the betting market as well as what to look out for when choosing the most suitable online sportsbook. With 30 teams competing for the annual championship title, the sheer volume of matches played provides a massive amount of betting opportunities.

Betting Market for NBA

Whether a punter chooses to place wagers on individual matches or the championship as a whole, NBA betting tips can go a long way on the path to success. With such a high quantity of matches being played over the months-long championship season, teams will have good days and bad days making the sport unpredictable, but also ups the ante when it comes to NBA sports betting. Due to this unpredictability, betting on these games can be challenging unless punters have good NBA betting tips.

While we would all love to predict the future, this is unfortunately not possible, so a good working knowledge of teams and the game itself can be a great asset. Before heading off into the world of NBA online betting NZ tips, it’s important to know the most popular type of NBA bet.

Point-Spreads in NBA

Point-spreads are the most popular form of basketball betting, and as such is the most important when it comes to NBA betting tips. Point-spreads are handicaps enforced by the bookmaker on a team to level the playing field in terms of betting. In an average match, there will most likely be a team known to be better than the other, and if there were no point-spreads imposed on the match, punters would just place wagers on the winning team and walk away happy.

How point-spreads work: If the red team is considered the 5-point favourite it will be written as red -5, and if the blue team is considered the underdog it will be written as blue +5.  If a punter bets on the red team to win, they would have to do so by more than 5 points in order for the bet to be successful, and vice versa. If the red team is the match victor, but they have not won by the appointed point spread, the bet will not be successful.