Arthurs Quest II Online Slot’s Main Points Explained

It’s time to go back to the days of dragons, knights, castles and fair maidens in Arthurs Quest II from Amaya online casino software. This five reel and nine payline online slot features a two thousand and five hundred times jackpot along with a ninety five percent return to player.

The art style for Arthurs Quest II will be familiar to fans of the series. Much like its predecessor, Arthurs Quest II uses a cartoon style that features bright, eye catching colours to take the player to a land of high adventure, danger, fun and a chance to win real money online casino jackpots.

Behind the reels, the player can see a very detailed background. There is a large castle with six towers. These towers have bright blue roofs as well as green and purple flags that are blowing softly in the breeze. The lower part of the background is a dense forest with beautifully drawn foliage and trees. The shadows are done particularly well and give the whole scene a sense of depth.

To further push the King Arthur theme, there are house banners on the left and the right of the reels. These banners are green and purple and are hung from golden rails. Instead of displaying a family insignia, they actually give additional information about how some of the bonus features work. This will be covered in a later section of the article. There are also the various paylines on display. They are housed in multi-coloured shields. Again, Amaya has done a great job of carrying the theme of this slot through to every element of the presentation.

Above the reels is the name of the slot in gold with a bright red banner behind it. They have also incorporated the famous sword from the legend of King Arthur in this display. The bottom of the slot has some additional information for the player as well as several selectable betting options. The player can adjust their bet or select the number of autospins they would like to use. They can also show the pays, clear the bets, bet nine, bet max, and spin the reels. The player’s credits, lines, bet and win are also displayed.

Arthurs Quest II Symbols

The symbols in this real money online casino slot are a mix of iconography from Arthurian legends as well as classic slot symbols. From least valuable to most valuable, they include a ten, jack, queen, king, ace, crosses axes, spears with banners and a sword in the stone wild.

There are also three bonus symbols. These symbols are characters from the legend including King Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin the magician.

Arthurs Quest II Bonus Features

The three bonus symbols in this game all unlock a mini game. In order to unlock these bonus features, the player must land three, four or five matching symbols. This will also give the player between one and three times multiplier.

The King Arthur bonus will allow the player to choose from several swords set in stone to reveal multipliers. The Guinevere bonus will make a dragonfly choose a fly to eat which then reveals a prize. The Merlin bonus will allow the player to pick a spell in order to reveal a prize.